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"Thank you for your professional coaching "
Thank you very much for your professional coaching service and from being slightly sceptical it has been worth the investment.
You have not only helped me focus on my business but helped me deal with issues in priority as well as giving me some fresh ideas.

Margins are up and so are sales. This I am proud to say is down to you.
I will personally recommend your coaching services as they are really first class. I can only go from strength to strength with the valuable, tailored knowledge that you have given me. Even the smallest tweaks have helped my business run more smoothly.

Thanks Andrew, it’s great working with you.

Cameron Brookes, Senior Partner, Niche Blinds, Cambridgeshire





UK Fixings (Southern) Limited

I’ve been coached by Andrew for 9 months now and I am thoroughly enjoying it.I really do look forward to each weekly coaching session.

The biggest business related achievements I’ve made to date are the fact that I now have a real understanding of the performance of my business and what I can do to influence it more. On a personal note I am more self confident, think more logically and have a calmer and positive outlook to life which has benefited my whole family as well as myself.Since I‘ve been coached the company profit has increased, my average order value has increased and I have systems in place which in turn save me time and reduce stress. Team morale has increased as well and the skills I learn I actively pass on to other team members and colleagues.
Coaching has definitely changed my life for the better and the 3 main areas are increased self belief, a really positive outlook and a greater understanding on how to implement change.
The initial cost of the coaching made me slightly sceptical however I very quickly realised that I was getting real value for money. I couldn’t put a price on some of the skills I have learnt since I’ve been coached by Andrew and am very thankful to him for help he has given me.
If you are thinking of having a business coach then I would not hesitate in recommending Andrew. I see him more as a new friend that helps me improve rather than a coach that I pay to spend time with me each week.
Neil Blanchflower, UK Fixings (Southern) Ltd
Anatune Limited
Anatune had grown steadily since it started in 1996 and in the medium to long term has excellent growth prospects. The business performed well in 2008, but everything was pointing to 2009 being a very tough year. My co-director and I were aware that changes would be needed in 2009 and that the changes had to start with us.
Co-incidentally we received an approach from Andrew Kureishy of Action Coach and following an initial consultation (free of charge) we become convinced that, since the stakes were very high, a business coach was going to be valuable resource in our quest to successfully navigate the troubled waters ahead. We were similarly convinced that Andrew was an ideal coach for us, due to the relevance of his previous experience and the aura of quiet calm and confidence that he exuded.
Andrew convinced us that there was much that we could do to improve Anatune’s prospects. So much in fact that we could probably more than counteract the adverse pressures that the poor economic environment was applying to the business.
I was losing a lot of sleep worrying about the business and I was not confident that we were equipped for the challenges we expected to face. However, from this point onwards, I began to feel much more confident and optimistic about our prospects. From a personal perspective, this reason alone made the expenditure worthwhile! As I write this testimonial, we have been working with Andrew for 4 months and the results are beginning to show. In sales, we are now working within a defined sales process and the sales team is achieving agreed goals on a weekly basis. This in turn is ensuring that the team remains positive in challenging circumstances. What is more, our leading business indicators are rising again.
My co-director and I achieve more now, because of the discipline that a business coach imposes. We are held accountable for our goals and objectives on a weekly basis. Difficult decisions get taken and tricky tasks get completed.This is turn means that, despite the routine, day-to-day pressures, we get important business development issues resolved in a timely fashion
Ray Perkins, Managing Director




Graham Handley Architects Limited
We the directors of Graham Handley Architects have both been coached by Andrew Kureishy for the past 18 months. Andrew has taught us techniques and helped us develop procedures which have made a significant difference to the running of our business. The two main areas of improvement have been in increased organisation – both of workload and of administration – and in our monitoring of performance. 
These improvements have made our company function more efficiently, and we believe they have been a key factor in enabling us to ride out the current recession. They have also led to a marked improvement in team morale and enthusiasm, and we feel that they have put us in a much better position to move ahead when the economy recovers and our workload increases.  
A personal area of significant improvement is that of time management. This has been remarkably liberating: we no longer feel as if we are constantly “fire-fighting” and we feel far more in control of events .
Andrew has also given us some very helpful insights into understanding personal interactions and how these can impact upon our dealings with both potential and actual clients – we are currently testing whether these are leading to an increase in our appointments.
We would have no hesitation in recommending Andrew to any business owner. He is an intuitive coach, who appreciates the particular challenges facing individual businesses and tailors his coaching to suit the needs of the company, rather than trying to make the company fit his techniques. And even though Andrew is a hard taskmaster, his coaching sessions are humorous and enjoyable.
Graham Handley                                                    Ann Blythe


Datatalk (Statistical Solutions) Limited


When we started together, just over a year ago, my business and myself were in what felt like a hopeless situation. We had been involved in some difficult disputes with a key client and another had gone bust, both these clients owed us substantial fees – we would not have ever made good their fees.
You have been inspirational in helping turn around both the business and even more significantly myself, so that now we are working with substantial national clients and securing 6 figure deals.  This alone has helped to secure the financial viability of the business and enabled both Joanne and I see that the business we have invested so much into, does have a future !!
The business is now in a place where it has never been throughout out all its 12 years of trading. To help me get started working with you, I was offered to underwrite the process for the first six months, you rightly recognised that whilst my initial position was perilous it was also the time when I would benefit most from your import and direction.
 I have to say, that starting with you was one of the best and most profitable decisions I have ever made in business. You have transformed both the way I and also my team work. We are demonstrably better at achieving our goals and finding new ways to develop the business.
Thank you Andrew for bringing a balanced, perceptive and committed accountability to the way I work on my business. This has included both challenge and encouragement.
Tim Drye, Managing Director
Cambridge Piped Services Limited
We have had Andrew Kureishy as our coach since August 2008 and can honestly say that it has been one of the best business decisions we have ever made. At the time we were concerned about the costs involved however theses have been repaid over and over again.
Prior to working with Andrew, Cambridge Piped Services (CPS) had been growing very strongly however it felt as we were out of control and not able to keep up with the growth. The result of this was that whilst our sales were strong we were unsure of our profitability and continually traded with a sizeable overdraft.
Our business has never lacked entrepreneurial spirit we just did not know how to use this to grow our business profitably.
Since working with Andrew our business has substantially changed for the better with sales for the last year growing by 100% and profits by 65%. More importantly we also trade with positive cash and have in place the systems that enable us to continue this level of growth. The team of people we employed were good tradesman but lacked clear leadership which resulted in large amounts of frustration and loss of productive hours.
Andrew has educated us in areas where we lacked knowledge, challenged us when it was required and most importantly of all helped us to see that we can have a highly profitable business that is not dependant on us. Prior to working with Andrew we both worked full time in the business which meant we were always fire fighting. Now we are spending less and less time in the business and more structured time on setting our vision and goals for the future and putting in place the necessary structure and systems to take our business to the next level.
As well as the dramatic change in the business there have also been some dramatic changes in us as individuals and whilst at times this has been uncomfortable, it is definitely for the better. Gone are the long evenings and week end working to get tenders out and instead we are able to spend more time with our families. The biggest benefit of this has been the significant reduction of stress levels and a strong sense of team working throughout the whole business.
The last year has been our best one yet which included winning some major contracts including the refit of the Marble Arch fountains in London. We have also won a number of industry awards (in addition to the two ActionCOACH awards) that recognise our commitment to growing our people and the quality of service we provide. It’s hard to imagine we would have had the year we have without Andrews direct input and guidance.
With Andrews encouragement and support we are confident that CPS will go from strength to strength and build on our reputation as the Number 1 Mechanical Engineering business in East Anglia.
If you are thinking of trying a business coach then we would strongly recommend you call Andrew. We see him as an important member of our senior management team who keeps us focused and continually holds us accountable for setting ambitious goals and working the plan to achieve them.
James Rust                                                                                         
Managing Director                                                                               Technical Director
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